TitleArirang TV) AVEapp, a private SNS platform company for the security paradigm.2020-08-12 12:00
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The untact environment, which has recently created a convenient life, is deeply

embedded in our lives, threatening security such as information abuse.

To solve this problem, the company [AveApp] is developing private messengers to enhance personal information safety functions and revolutionize the security paradigm.
It has developed a community specific messenger called "MoeME" to help users expand their diverse connections and strengthen their expertise.

Beyond general messaging functions, it is an application that is very suitable for communities that share high end information such as stocks, finance, and real estate, and is specialized in the securities sector.

Furthermore, it is developing into a platform that connects multisector providers such as securities firms and securities experts with individual investors who want to obtain more information, providing efficient distribution to providers, and providing sufficient information to consumers, and providing a basis for judgment on the validity of information, and meeting [AveApp], a company that has activated new paradigm services in the electronic banking system.

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