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TitleAVEapp launches community chat messenger app MoeME2019-04-18 13:41
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Features a specialized dialog window feature that enables users to easily identify key information even when large numbers of people participate

Ideal for stock, finance, and real estate communities that share advanced information beyond general messaging capabilities


AVEapp, a private SNS platform company, made an announcement on the 18th that it has launched MoeME, a messenger service that strengthens real-time community conversations and the latest information delivery functions.


Recently, the importance of 'people + financial technology', in which new connections become information and property among office workers, is increasing. However, the existing messenger services are not enough to fill the lack of face-to-face conversations.


It is heard that it has developed 'MoeME' application, which is a messenger specialized to communities, so that people can expand their network and strengthen their expertise.


The application is designed to easily identify key information even when large numbers of people participate. They are required to acquire only necessary information through specialized chat window functions such as collecting only articles from operators or organizing small talk.


It has also been developed to help concentrate and spread information through 'shaking function' that sends notifications to focus on real-time conversations and 'group message sending function' that sends messages to several people through 1:1 conversation.


'MoeME' can be used as a community related to stocks, finance, and real estate that shares high-end information beyond simple messenger functions by strengthening personal privacy such as message collection and chat room cleaning. In addition, the company explains that it can be used as a corporate business platform with an open chat function with management and staff authority.


"MoeME is a new concept messenger application that was produced to implement communication services that go beyond face-to-face conversations by forming various relationships in the dialog box," said Shin Soo-jin, manager of AVEapp, who was in charge of planning and development of MoeME. "It is a service that is expected to play a role of a new community while forming a network through dialogue, so please use it a lot."


Meanwhile, AVEapp, which developed MoeME, is a messaging server platform company that has been doing platform business through large enterprise projects for many years. It is known that Korea has been active in overseas markets such as Japan and Vietnam.


MoeME applications can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS Apple App Store.



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