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TitleAVEapp, release the smartphone version untact IR service in Japan 2022-04-25 18:29
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AVEapp, a company specializing in financial messaging platforms, announced on the 20th that it has released a smartphone version of "IR room," a untact IR service system for Japanese listed companies.


Japan has actively introduced untact IR since three years ago due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with Japan's Stockweather, AVEapp has prepared untact IR services for Japanese listed companies since 2019 and began in earnest in August 2020.


At the end of last year, IR room's English version service for overseas investors was developed, and the smartphone version has recently been released, expanding the scope of participating customers.



IR room is successfully expanding its service by implementing services tailored to the needs of IR managers and participants as well as simple IR implementation functions, said Lee, co-CEO of AVEapp. "Companies that conduct IR can reduce data printing and respond to participants' questions through voice and chat."


A company official explained that more than 100 IRs were conducted using the service last year, and more than 200 IRs are expected this year. In Japan, even untact IR resumes, it is common to hold untact IRs at the same time for investors who are unable to participate due to time and distance restrictions.


Meanwhile, AVEapp, which operates the securities information service "MoeME" app, is actively promoting joint projects with overseas base companies and has begun normal operation of its Vietnamese subsidiary, which was postponed due to COVID-19, from the end of 2021.



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